You Do You: Authenticity

Authenticity: true to one's own personality, spirit, or character

People are finally fighting back against stereotypes, in life and in the workplace. At The Riveter, we are your biggest cheerleaders for challenging the "norm" and being a changemaker. We are no longer letting stereotypes confine us. You want to be a #ladyboss in the workplace and a mother that can do it all? Go for it. We got your back. You're working in tech, a male-dominated industry? Get after it. Remember, who run the world?! There is no universal norm–you create your individual norm based on what you want and need. 

While breaking stereotypes, it's important to be authentic. Embrace you and don't worry about how you "should be." We came across an article on how embracing your genuine self can redefine your career. Check it out here. Below are a few takeaways we got from reading it: 

1. Professional traits

Of course there are certain traits that make someone good at a particular job or role, but everyone is different. Bring a uniqueness to your role that makes you stand out. Encourage diversity, change and innovation with the additional, authentic traits you can bring to the table. 

2. Entrepreneurial

You might not be running the business, but you are running the role. Be entrepreneurial. If you think your position can do more to better benefit the company or you have an idea for a new project, pitch it to your boss! 

3. Embrace your woman power

"Unapologetically lead with your feminine." YES!! Be a lady boss and don't apologize for taking charge and using your voice. Your ideas matter, especially if they challange the norm. Stand up for that. 

Happy Monday! Kickstart your week with this motivation. We'd love to hear your thoughts on authenticity in the workplace. 

"This holds true for any career — you don’t have to fit the norm. And you shouldn’t; the workplace needs more vibrancy, diversity and feminine strength."