What's Your Superpower?

Happy October! It's a new month and with that brings new excitement, new adventures and also change. Whether it's changes at work, in your schedule or just the seasonal change (yes, winter is coming), it's easy to feel stressed or overwhelmed. How do you combat that? Your support system. Your community. Whether it's the Riveter community, your team, your family or friends, lean on one another for encouragement, positivity and help. In honor of October (I'm a big fan of Halloween), we're giving you AND your support system a fun challenge. Drum roll please...

Own a superpower. We're challenging you to be your own version of Wonder Woman for your company, team and community. The best way to keep a team motivated, excited and driven through the stressful changes of a new month is with inspiration. You might already have a role that does this, but try pursuing a role that is different than your usual one. So, which superpower will you use to ensure your team is staying inspired and productive? Whichever superpower you choose, own it. Below are a few superpower options you could claim: 

1. The Motivator

When you see a team member down, deliver a pep talk. Maybe you're proactive with your motivational superpower through sending out a weekly motivational message.

2. The Organizer

You use your superpower to ensure the team is staying on track and using time efficiently. Maybe you introduce a project management tool or provide tips for staying organized every week.

3. The Challenger

Your superpower could be to challenge your team to think differently or to approach a daily task in a new way. You could even prompt them with daily, or weekly, challenges.

4. The Jokester

Your superpower could be to observe when the team is stressed and needs a pick-me-up. Maybe you start or end the week by providing a good laugh to keep everyone entertained. 

5. The Mentor

Mentorship could be your superpower. Maybe you take the initiative to setup a new mentor program within your company or team. You could also serve as a mentor to younger or newer co-workers on a personal and professional basis.

The point of this challenge is to take on a new role within your team or company to keep everyone inspired, including yourself. Keep inviting ambition and shake things up a little. A month that is one step closer to winter months can be a downer for some or extremely stressful for others. It's important to keep the creative juices flowing and keep everyone's spirits lifted. Plus, a little Halloween (and superhero fun) never hurts. Happy #MondayMotivation!