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We’re 1!

The year flew by, am I right?  It really does seem like yesterday that, curiosity piqued, I wandered over from Juicebox Café to check out the remodel happening behind that big, bright, blue door.   Next thing I knew, I was auditioning in the dust-filled Walker Board Room and then hired on to teach yoga at The Riveter.  I simultaneously committed to a year-long membership, hauled my big Apple monitor down Pine Street—on foot—from my condo up on 15th Ave, set up my new desk, and started re-vamping my professional life.  After 20 months of juggling a baby-turned-toddler and part-time contract work under the same roof, I was ready for a change of scenery.  

One year later, I’m amazed at how this community has opened my world and boosted my confidence.  I’ve met incredible women (and a few good men), found space and support to nurture my dreams. On top of all that, I’ve given my wardrobe a major facelift thanks to the amazing stylists at Armoire, a wardrobe rental company operating out of our Capitol Hill location.   Who says part of wellness isn’t about looking good?  Style boosts my mood, no doubt.  (Pssst, if you want to jump on board and try out a fresh closet, use the code PAPERE414 for $50 off your first month’s membership with Armoire!)

One year later, I’m amazed at how this community has opened my world and boosted my confidence.  I’ve met incredible women (and a few good men), found space and support to nurture my dreams, and given my wardrobe a major facelift (thanks Armoire!).

Anniversaries are important to celebrate.  Why? We live in a culture that barrels through life with little regard for ritual and reflection.  As human beings, we’re really not designed for such speed. We’re made for something rhythmic, for ebb and flow.  When we fail to pause and mark time in a meaningful way, we forget that our lives are a part of something bigger.

If you read my posts with any regularity, you know I’m a huge fan of On Being and Krista Tippett.  And of course, she and her guest always make my argument better than I ever could.  Case in point, her interview with Roshi Joan Halifax.

Tippett - We experience time as such a bully. And that, I guess, is another thing that rituals do for us — they release us from that trap of a sense of time as small and locked.

Halifax - We’re such, as you said, a time-driven, time-bullied culture. But also, what ritual does is it invokes in us a sense of timelessness. It drops us into the past, it brings up the present, it also projects into the future, but it is also deeper than chronological time.

So, it’s time to stop and celebrate!  We’ve built an incredible community and we’re not done.  As we pause and reflect, we know we have much to be proud of and much work still ahead.  You can read Amy Nelson's Anniversary Letter here

One year in, we’ve not found a magic formula for wellness offerings.  We had a vision of the perfect space and concepts, but we’ve learned about the importance of listening to what our members want and need.  In all honesty, real change doesn’t happen from the top down. If we want to shift the style and focus of typical workplaces and build inclusive, female-forward spaces, we must collaborate with our members. We remain committed to your health and wellbeing and we’ll continue to adapt.  

I’m excited about our offerings in year two.  Our flagship Capitol Hill location has a new, streamlined schedule with daily noon classes.  We’re still bringing you monthly weekend wellness pop-ups.  We’re still hosting a monthly Salon + Supper to eat and digest hot topics together.   We’re partnering with Growing Washington to bring you a local, organic CSA box that you can tailor for you and your household each week.  Members receive $15 off with signups by May 15 – check your weekly member email for the promo code.  

And…what else?  What does wellness mean to you? What does community look like? Don’t be shy, we want to hear from you. We’re in this together.

Rebekah Papé is a writer, food and wellness consultant, yoga teacher, and The Riveter member.  She is also the new Director of Community and Outreach at Ecolibrium Farms.  She teaches breath, meditation, and yoga asana on Thursdays and Fridays at noon at the Capitol Hill studio.