Wellness Wednesday: Breathe

The pace of autumn can be relentless. Events, fundraisers, back-to-school, holiday preparations, and on and on. With endless demands on our attention and time, wellness can easily be set aside for later. I’ve got plenty of excuses - it takes too long, I’d rather stay home when it’s dark and wet and cold outside, my toddler needs something, I’m tired...
Here at the Riveter, we’re excited about some adjustments to our wellness offerings for fall to make it easier for you to support your well-being. At our Capitol Hill studio, we’re introducing 30 minute yoga and meditation breaks mid-day alongside our 60 minute offerings. We’ll continue to have a yin yoga class, which is the perfect antidote to the busyness of autumn. We hope you’ll join us!  
Let’s acknowledge that it's also tough to start something new in autumn. In Ayurvedic terms, one of the qualities of this season is a chaotic, swirling energy (think leaves blowing everywhere). Inconsistency rules the next few months (hop on over to my blog for a more in-depth look at seasonal wellness). It’s best to keep it simple when it comes to wellness and be kind to yourself if a new routine doesn’t stick right away.
You can create little pockets of space in your life anytime of day, with just brief pauses. One of my favorite practices is called three focused breaths. It’s the ultimate in simplicity and brevity. Stop. In the middle of trying to get dinner on the table. In the middle of rushing through the meal. In the middle of long workday or a deadline or an argument or a tantrum. In the mid of flicking through glossy Instagram lives (I don’t know about you, but these can really set me off on a mental merry-go-round). So, stop. Put both feet on the ground. Take in a long, deep breath. Let it out slowly. Do that again. And one more time.  
That’s it. Just a pause. But a powerful pause. It has the potential to shift your focus, calm your nervous system and slow the pace of your day just a bit. Try it. See what happens. All you have to lose is 30 seconds.
Rebekah is a Riveter member and yoga teacher. Find her online at rebekahpape.com and on instagram @rebekahpape.  
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