We Believe in Life

"We did this to ourselves. We chose this American life. The one where our children learn to protect themselves from guns in their schools and on their playgrounds, because the grown ups won't do it for them. My heart is broken for the dead children in Florida. My heart is broken for my little girls because I don't know how to save them from assault weapons. My heart is broken because we continue to accept this as reality."

-Co-Founder & CEO, Amy Nelson

Eight school shootings have already occurred in 2018 and we are only seven weeks into the year. Seven. Weeks. Last year, 346 mass shootings took place. When will it end? We keep hearing politicans say "enough is enough," but how many deaths is it going to take for change to actually take place. Time and time again, Congress and the White House has refused to tighten gun control laws. If anything, gun control laws have become weaker, making it easier to conceal a weapon and obtain a gun, even if you have a mental illness. Doesn't it say something about our world, our society, when we hear, "Another shooting happened" or when parents are buying bulletproof backpacks for their child's back-to-school supplies? Is the new normal? What has our world come to that parents need to worry about such things when their children leave the house in the morning? This should not be a norm in our society!

We believe in life.

Call 841-241-1141, provide your zip code and let your representative know you believe in gun control or learn how to contact your elected officials. 

Want do to more? Here are six gun control oganizations to support in 2018! 

Every voice matters.