Tuesday Tips: New Ways to Connect at The Riveter Capitol Hill

“Coworking isn’t a new notion. In 15th-century Florence, painters, sculptors, architects, engineers and scientists worked together in the Renaissance “bottega.” Bottega workshops brought together different types of talent to compete, collaborate, learn and improve, most often under a master teacher. These bottegas created environments that increased the level of discussion among diverse groups and helped these individuals to turn their ideas into actions. The interactions led to higher levels of innovation for all.”

We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that our members are reaping the benefits of our collaborative space. In the coming weeks you’ll notice a few new additions at our flagship space that we hope will help you meet new members and create genuine connection.

The first addition you’ll notice will be focused on member engagement. You will have the option to grab a cardholder when you come in to write your name on. You can leave this up in front of where you are working as a sign to other members that you are open to conversation. Our hope is that you will be able to mingle and connect with our diverse community more readily.

The second new addition comes in the form of a communal dining space near our kitchen. We are dedicating one of our floating tables specifically for a tech free dining experience. We hope that members will enjoy a break from work to connect and collaborate.

These may seem like little touches, but we hope they will bring big connection to our members. Our hope is that they bring innovation and creativity to our community.