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Tuesday Tips: How to Start a Women's Brag Tag

"The more creative we get about how to support and celebrate women in the workplace, particularly in fields where we’re underrepresented, the more we can guarantee we’re writing women into history — while we’re still busy shaping it."

This week’s Tuesday Tips include 4 ways that we can champion for each other as women. This article from thinkgrowth.org introduces creative ideas for us to commemorate women using platforms we viist on a regular basis. We cheer for sports teams, our children and our favorite movie characters; it’s time to put each other on the pedestal.

 "If women aren’t socialized to brag for ourselves, and we often get ignored even if we do tout our efforts, maybe we’re better off getting our co-workers to brag for us."

The Riveter is built for this purpose; to collaborate with and celebrate the incredible work of women. Perhaps you are a solopreneur, that doesn’t mean you can’t brag tag a fantastic member you’ve met in our community! Has someone on your team done something amazing? Let us know so we can feature them in our newsletter or on the blog!

Who is your Wonder Woman and how will you celebrate her this week? Let us know in the comments!