Tip Tuesday: Want to be more creative? Go for a Walk

You know that feeling when it’s somehow only a Tuesday and you’re anxiously awaiting the next three day weekend? When creativity is at an all time low, don’t get discouraged. Instead, go for a walk! In Marily Oppezzo’s Ted Talk, she introduces studies that show walking while brainstorming can do wonders for the creative process. Those who walked during the brainstorming process produced twice as many ideas as those sitting. Here are specific tips for how to utilize walking to your greatest benefit while brainstorming.

1. Pick a specific problem or topic to brainstorm 
2. Walk at a comfortable pace for you while you’re brainstorming.
3. Come up with as many ideas as you can during your walk
4. Speak and record your ideas
5. Cap your time

Using these tricks, we can make the shortest month of the year our most creative. All we have to do is start with a walk.