Tip Tuesday: Tips to Make 2018 the Year of [continued] Resistance

It has been almost an entire calendar year since we witnessed Donald Trump sworn into political office (but really, who’s counting?). While this day brought some entertainment, such as President George Bush struggling with his poncho and the side-by-side photo of Obama’s vs Trump’s inaugurations, the real showstopper came the day after at the Women’s March on Washington and its sister marches around the world. After this surge of political activism early in the year, many people continued their involvement through the March’s 10 actions in 100 days, calling Congress (by April, women had made 86% of these calls) and running for political office.

As we move into 2018, it’s important to not be bogged down by Protest Fatigue Syndrome and maintain the momentum from 2017 and the year of the women. Below are some tips and tricks to preserve our momentum and crush our goals of making 2018 even more powerful.

1. Continue to show up

In 2017, we experienced firsthand the power and influence that people, especially strong women, can have when we come together in numbers and show up for what we believe. In 2018, it is time to continue this act. This year, Seattle is hosting a weekend full of resistance as Saturday, January 20th brings Seattle Women’s March 2.0 and Sunday, January 21st brings Womxn Act on Seattle.

Check back on Thursday for details on the Seattle Women’s March 2.0 and Act on Seattle and how you can get involved at The Riveter.

2. Pursue conversations  

Whether it’s rewatching Oprah’s Golden Globes speech with your friends or continuing to engage in conversations with The Riveter’s members, maintaining discussions around advocacy and womxn’s rights are important parts of continued resistance. As long as issues are discussed, they stay in the forefront of consciousness and cannot be ignored. The seemingly simple act of reflecting with friends on what 2017 meant in terms of mobilization, and what plans you have for 2018, is meaningful in and of itself.

3. Engage locally 

In 2017, I found myself disheartened by news of national politics and stressed by results of far-away political races. At times I felt helpless in what I could accomplished from my location in Seattle. One way to avoid feeling powerless in the face of large, country-wide politics is to focus on local engagement. Seattle has a plethora of great resources to promote engaging in our city, such as news organizations like Crosscut and The Evergrey (an amazing member of The Riveter) and calendars that track local events, such as The Stranger’s Resistance and Solidarity calendar.  

4. Run for office (or support those who do)

One of the most powerful, albeit scariest, ways to make 2018 a continued year of resistance is to run for office. In 2017, many influencers created resources to help women prepare, and ultimately run, for political office. Organizations like She Should Run and Run for Something create materials and provide support for those interested in creating a campaign. Running for office not in the cards for you? There are other ways to support candidates that promote equality on many fronts. Consider supporting organizations like Sisterdistrict and Indivisible, or any organization that champions candidates with platforms similar to your beliefs.

Whether increasing or maintaining your political advocacy is one of your 2018 goals or resolutions, or something you’re just starting to contemplate, considering how your actions ultimately affect and reflect the political landscape is paramount. These tips, organizations, and articles are just a few of the many resources available throughout the internet to help cultivate resistance in 2018.

Still looking for ideas? Check back throughout January to see more of The Riveter’s tips and tricks to finding (and nailing) your perfect New Year’s resolution!