Tip Tuesday: Love Yourself is the Motto

Wellness is a main tenant of The Riveter’s mission not only because we wouldn’t be able to support others, but because we wouldn’t be able to sustain the hustle to grow professionally if we’re not taking care of ourselves. So, #loveyourself is the motto.

Earlier this month, Lisa Levine wrote a blog focusing on the importance of healthy eating and she introduced helpful hacks to prepare for Audacious Wellness’ Whole30 program. Eating mindfully is a pinnacle part of wellness and is certainly an important focus when crushing those wellness goals. However, focusing only on healthy eating doesn’t always lead to our healthiest selves. For many people, including myself, a combination of intentional eating, mindfulness practices and moving our bodies lead to our most meaningful form of wellness. Below are more tips and tricks on incorporating additional forms of wellness into your daily or weekly routine.

1. Move

Exercise not only strengthens your body and brings a plethora of physical health benefits, exercise endorphins can be your best friend when the Seattle weather continues its drowsy turn into spring. Not every beneficial exercise has to be throwing around kettlebells and medicine balls in a Crossfit gym (as an ex-crossfitter, trust me. Throwing stuff is fun but there are other ways). Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, a new mother or someone whose relationship with exercise never just *clicked*, there are a variety of wellness classes at The Riveter for you to explore. The best part? For members these classes are free, so there’s really no harm in trying them and seeing if anything sticks. Want to try something different? This weekend The Riveter is teaming up with HITT Lab to provide a wellness popup (with the added benefit of post-workout bloody marys and snacks) and we’d love to see you there.

2. Think

During the week, I often find myself overwhelmed with work and responsibilities. The time spent focusing on these obligations leaves little opportunity to think and reflect on other aspects of my life and my personal interests. It’s essential to remember the power of focusing on yourself and your life outside of work, even during busy weeks. Personally, keeping a journal, or even shortlists, allows me to consider what is happening in the parts of my life outside of work. Need a place to start? A bullet journal is a fantastic resource to keep everything - from schedules and grocery lists, to day logs and short entries. Alternatively, join us at our Tap in Journaling member events hosted by our incredble wellness instructor, Wade Brill, for guided journaling focusing on creative conscious spaces to connect with ourselves. Writing not one of your strong suits? Check out these additional tips by Ama La Vida Coaching to stay present even during your most stressful days.

3. Breathe 

Before coming to The Riveter, meditation and mindful breathing were only things I had heard of but had never tried. After my first day of guided meditation with Manisha Dudley, I knew taking time to breath and clear my mind was paramount to my overall wellness. Need more proof? There are ample studies that provide evidence of meditations’ positive effects on our bodies and brains. Still not sure? Pop in to a meditation class at The Riveter (free for The Riveter Members!) and check it out for yourself, you never know what you might find.

Taking time for self-care will positively affect all aspects of our lives–both personally and professionally. So take a break from the hustle to give yourself some love too. If you already are crushing your wellness goals, check out our previous Tip Tuesdays for other ways to make 2018 your year.

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