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Reflecting on TIME Magazine's Person of the Year

TIME Magazine's Person of the Year 2017 was announced last week and it took our social feeds by storm–and for good reason. Not just one person was chosen, but a group of people known as The Silence Breakers: The Voices That Launched A Movement. If you haven't yet, take the time to give it a read. The conversation on sexual harassment is one all of us–women and men–need to not only be aware of, but actively participating in.

Chills and disgust are overwhelming as we read through the countless sexual assault stories women have faced over the years. Yes these stories are hard and uncomfortable to read, but imagine what these women felt in those moments–it was much, much worse than discomfort. Brave women around the world have come forward to share their stories and they deserve to be heard–discomfort aside. This movement is about creating change and maybe discomfort is what the world finally needs to feel to realize these injustices need to be shut down.

For far too long, companies, executives, coworkers have ignored women’s pleas on sexual harassment because it was uncomfortable or “inconvenient.” They thought the better course of action was to ignore it, sweep it under the rug, let it blow over. Women have put up with it out of fear–for themselves, for their jobs, for their families–but not anymore. 
We have banded together and we are doneTogether our voices are now louder and we will be heard. If the stories are uncomfortable for others to face, well then too damn bad. It’s time for everyone–all genders–to listen. It takes a village to enforce change and that’s what we plan to do.

Thank you to The Silence Breakers for speaking out and for encouraging women around the world to do the same. While 2017 was the year we launched this movement, 2018 is the year we will create bigger change with our actions. Let's keep fighting this fight together.

“The tears started rolling when I saw this cover. This is the 'highest velocity change' our society has seen in a very long time. But it is hard. And we are asking women - of course women - to be so brave to make this change continue. The arm in the lower right corner represents the woman who cannot come forward for fear of retribution. That woman. That's is who we fight with and for. That woman is everything.” - Amy Nelson, Co-Founder and CEO


Feature photo by Amy Galbraith Photography.