TIME Firsts: Women Breaking Glass Ceilings

*Cue all the fan-girling*

TIME just rolled out a new series called "Firsts" and we are in LOVE. In a letter from the editor, Nancy Gibbs wrote, "Our goal with this extraordinary project— which encompasses a magazine, the multimedia project at TIME.com/firsts and a book coming out September 19—is for every woman and girl to find someone who moves her, to find someone whose presence in the highest reaches of success says to her that it is safe to climb, come on up, the view is spectacular." CHILLS! Now you see why we're so obsessed.

When talking about the achievements of women in society, we often focus on the barriers those women had to overcome to get there. That makes sense because today we are faced with many obstacles to break through the glass ceiling. However, sometimes we focus too much on the barriers to even realize we're not highlighting the triumphs enough. Yes, the hurdles are important and we need to continue working hard to push through those, but we should spend more time focusing on the WINS. Every victory matters, small or large. That's what is so amazing about the "Firsts" series by TIME–it's a place for highlighting the successes. 

So in honor of #MondayMotivation, we're encouraging you to focus more on the triumphs. The barriers are still important to talk about and to overcome, but we need to do more celebrating! The wins are what keep us going and we need those to stay motivated to continue pushing onward. Lastly, continue empowering one another within and around your community! Is there a triumph in the Riveter community that deserves recognition? We want to hear it. 


Start your week off strong by taking a moment to sift through this for awhile. You'll be obsessed too!