Tip Tuesday: Why I'm done trying to be "man enough"

Actor, Justin Baldoni gave a Ted Talk on why he's done trying to be "man enough" and everyone should take notes (*cue a big applause*). The other day, a male asked what an ally to women meant and THIS is it. For generations we've been told the stereotypes of how a man should act and how a woman should act, but ENOUGH with the stereotypes. Those same stereotypes have led us to where we are today: the gender gap, the glass ceiling, the inequalities. We've barely scratched the surface in making a complete transformation, but we're getting there with women AND men (we're looking at you allies) working together. Take a few moments to give this Ted Talk a listen. We'd love to hear your thoughts. 

"Guys, this is real. And I'm just scratching the surface here, because the deeper we go, the uglier it gets, I guarantee you. I don't have time to get into porn and violence against women or the split of domestic duties or the gender pay gap. But I believe that as men, it's time we start to see past our privilege and recognize that we are not just part of the problem. Fellas, we are the problem. The glass ceiling exists because we put it there, and if we want to be a part of the solution, then words are no longer enough." 

- Justin Baldoni