Tip Tuesday: The Power of Saying Thank You

Laura Trice, counselor and coach, has one big question, why won’t we ask for the things that we need? In this short and simple Ted Talk she teaches us about the power of saying Thank You, and what it can do for our lives.

It goes beyond the two-letter word, and deeper into the notion that we need to hear certain things, to be praised a certain way. Trice determined that we have difficulty asking for that because we are sharing where we are insecure, where we need help. And behind that is a fear that we won’t get what we need from each other. So, instead, we don’t ask for what we need.

She ends this talk with a profound challenge, “be honest about the praise that you need to hear. What do you need to hear? Go home and ask those questions, and then help the people around you.”

Changes in our communities are going to come from small changes in our own homes and workplaces. We think this idea, saying Thank You AND asking for what we need, can create big changes in our relationships. We can connect more deeply, validate each other and practice our listening skills.