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Tap-In Journal Club at The Riveter

I am so excited to officially announce that the Tap-In Journal Club is back in action. This exclusive journaling club began in 2014 with the mission of creating a sacred and safe space where women can come together, tap into themselves and be empowered by the collective. When we create a conscious space to connect to ourselves, we can create more clarity, wisdom and strength in our lives. We are excited to bring this exclusive gathering to The Riveter community. Mark your calendars for Monday November 27th, December 18th and January 22nd @ 6 p.m. for our first series.

Journaling doesn’t just have emotional and soulful benefits. Research conducted by psychologist, James Pennebaker demonstrates journaling strengthens our immune systems and can support healing from past trauma or current stressful events. Journaling has also been proven to spark creativity and heighten problem-solving skills. When we create space for a consistent journaling practice, we get to know ourselves better. We get to understand our current emotions, thoughts and beliefs that might be holding us back from living our fullest life.

Psychology Today discovered that one reason happier people are the way they are is because they face their emotions head-on and experience them in full. When we are able to understand our true emotions—whether it be sadness, frustration, joy, resentment or excitement—by pausing to acknowledge and process what we are feeling, we will be more equipped to experience and own what happiness means to us.

Come connect with a group of like-minded women creating conscious space to both tap into ourselves and connect with each other. Each time we meet we will explore a different theme and have a new journaling prompt. I am so passionate about the power of journaling because this is one of the primary tools that supported me in some of the most difficult moments of life: when I was going through chemotherapy while also losing my mother to Leukemia. My journal was a safe haven to help me process and manage my thoughts and emotions so I could see some light through the darkness.

Words from past attendees:

“Tap-In journaling club was such a refreshing way to socialize with other like-minded women. It was also powerful to know I am not alone with what I am experiencing. I felt comfortable sharing and also enjoyed holding space for others to share. I also loved how thought provoking our prompts were, which really helped me think outside of my normal journaling routine.” – Chelsea B.

“Wade’s Tap-In Journaling Club was a monthly sanctuary that afforded me the opportunity to check in with myself on a regular basis. The accountability was something I came to rely on, and the consistency helped foster a nurturing group of participants. Not only did these sessions allow me to work through a challenging period in my life, but the vulnerability shared by everyone led to several long-lasting friendships. I am grateful to Wade for creating a space where we were all enabled to process, reflect, and share in a safe space.” - Alexandra K.

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Wade is a Riveter member and instructor in our Capitol Hill space. Along with joining her for journal club, you can hang with her in the studio at Capitol Hill on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. for guided meditation and 4:30 p.m. for Mat Pilates.