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Sharing Our Stories

One part of The Riveter’s mission is to share the stories of women. Our stories are not often told and they are incredibly powerful. We know that the stories of women are impactful and need to be told loudly.

We want to help share your story, and we need your help.

In LA (Aug. 2) or Seattle (week of Aug. 6) ? Let's do a quick video interview!

Reach out to Amy Kugler (amy.kugler@theriveter.co) to sign up.

Here are some topics we'll cover

  • The Hard Parts: Tell us about the hard parts of running a business or an organization.  It might include hiring or firing  people, raising money (and facing rejection), the endless decisions, the pivoting of ideas, losing family time, the uncertainty.  Basically, everything.
  • Balance is Bullshit:  Let’s deconstruct the mythology of “balance” and break down how we actually prioritize - not balance - to get things done.  How do we hack the life chores? What do we think about the time we have with our children? What do you let go and what must you have? How do find a way to stay healthy?  All of this matters.
  • My First:  Tell us about your most memorable firsts:  Getting your own paycheck, hiring a direct report, realizing there were institutional barriers to growth in the workplace, finding out you were pregnant. Anything!
  • Power over Empowerment: Share the moment you feel most powerful in your work or career.
  • Future of Work: What do you believe is the future of work? 

Not in LA or Seattle?
We would still love to hear from you on these topics!

You can choose any or all of the topics below and craft a short social media post around the topic or question. If you choose to do more than one topic, please create separate posts for each topic so that we can tell your clear story within the character limit for Instagram, Facebook (400 words or less) and Twitter (280 characters or less). Please include a picture or image that represents your post, if possible (we’ll credit you or whomever took the photo) along with your social media handles. Email responses to Amy Kugler (amy.kugler@theriveter.co)!

Here are social media post prompts:

  1. How do you navigate your work day in a Corporate America built by and for men, and what do you need to do so? (i.e. tips on how not to talk over women in meetings, how we can talk about salaries (close that pay gap!), how to approach work conflict, tips on how to mentor/support other women, why workplace environment spaces like nursing rooms are important, etc.)
  2. How do you navigate life? What are your pro tips for getting it all done? What ways do you stay sane in the midst of juggling priorities? What apps/tools/resources help you keep it all together? What tv shows keep you sane?  What do you cook or order in? How do you find time to be social? Sleep rituals?
  3. “The moment I knew…” - When was a time in your life that you knew you needed to make a change or life pivot? (i.e. quit a job, decided to launch a business, asked for a raise or promotion, took charge of your wellbeing, health or mental health, etc.) 

We’ve found that the stories that resonate the most are those that show our vulnerability and strength.  We are incredible, we do so many hard things, and our stories are rarely told. We can't wait to post these stories and share these moments in the coming weeks.