Monday Motivation from Fearless Leaders

Our very own fearless leader, Amy Nelson was featured in Forbes alongside four more women in leadership that attended #CreateCultivateSEA. The article features women talking about their experiences in industries like tech, venture capital and entrepreneurship. We're not only highlighting this article for #MondayMotivation, but also for #MentorMonday. So listen up! They have some great advice for women. 

Furthermore, it's true what they say. Women are better together (remember #WomenEmpoweringWomen?). So, what's the best way to learn? OTHER WOMEN (aka mentors)! Whether it's a community, a leadership coach, a friend or a coworker, it's important to have mentors in life. Here are four reasons why having a mentor is a good idea: 

1. Experience

The best way to learn? From those who have been in the same shoes! Seek out mentors in your industry, at your company or who have worked on similar projects. They've most likely been in your shoes, or in similar situations. They will provide the best advice because "been there, done that" and mentors don't want you making the same mistakes. Take risks, challenge the norm and be open to receiving help from those that understand the obstacles or fears you're facing. 

2. Support system

It's always nice to have a pep talk to get you motivated. Let mentors serve as that professional, and even personal, support system. Utilize a mentor's guidance and advice to help you grow and to reach your goals. That's what mentors are for. What can you do in return? Pay it forward. Ensure it's a mutually beneficial relationship so you're learning and helping one another. Also, be a mentor yourself!

3. Challengers 

Sometimes you might need a voice inside your head pushing you and challenging you to think differently. Share your new ideas or new project proposals with them. Mentors bring a fresh perspective to the table that ensures authenticity and that you're considering all possibilities or angles. 

4. Advising Connectors 

Mentors are trusted advisors, teachers, but also connectors. Mentors are there to encourage growth and a lot of times that includes opening new doors and opportunities that can help you get to your next step or reach your goal. A mentor might even introduce you to someone that can serve as mentor for a different aspect of your life or someone that can help take your business to the next level.

We'll say it again. Women are better together. So start building those mentor/mentee relationships that will help guide you professionally and personally. Not sure where to get started? The Riveter community is a great place to look! 

Happy Monday! Stay motivated by taking advice from these fearless leaders. They are prime examples of fabulous mentors for women in numerous industries.