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Monday Motivation: A New Tool for Inspiration

Need a little extra Monday Motivation? We’ve got you covered. Take a look at Shine Text, a daily text to help you thrive. Shine is a free service that uses a daily text to send you motivational quotes, affirmations and action steps for you to use in your life.

The program is customizable; you can choose which topics you’d like covered in your text message as well as when you receive them. Who couldn't use a little more inspiration in each day?

Check out today’s Shine, which teaches us about the power of personal affirmations using Wonder Woman as an example:


“You’re more likely to follow through on a promise or a behavior or accomplish a goal if the action relates to a value or belief you hold about yourself or you hold about the world,” says Anna Rowley Ph.D., a psychologist and performance consultant as well as the co-founder of RallyBright, a startup that helps millenials become more resilient. If you activate a person’s values, you get a committed action.”

Working on your own personal affirmation? Post it below; we would love to read it!