May's Member Spotlight: Carrie Melissa Jones


Riveter member Carrie Jones is a connecter. She enjoys bringing people together both personally and professionally and is a huge believer in the power of community. In her words, community is what makes us human. It makes sense then, that her work as Chief Operating Officer and Founding Partner at CMX aligns so well with her core beliefs. 

CMX stands for Community Management X, and they help businesses worldwide to build professional communities by providing trainings, an annual conference and online tools in order to shape a more connected, collaborative and compassionate world. CMX’s clients and partners include Yelp, Facebook, Airbnb, Google and Salesforce as well as non-profits and small businesses.

Founded in 2014, CMX is a fully remote and distributed team. They operate out of Seattle, San Francisco and Austin.

At CMX, Carrie is responsible for managing operations, finance, human resources and strategic planning to ensure that the entire team can work collaboratively to strengthen the community industry. Be sure to look for the next CMX Series Seattle, a local meetup for Seattle’s best and brightest community managers. And in June, she’ll be speaking at The Riveter about content strategy for sales lead generation.

Carrie has made a career out of connecting and communicating with organizations and individuals. “We are at an inflection point where we can move towards disconnection – more artificial intelligence, robots, virtual reality, technology over humanity – or we can move towards connection. On the surface, it seems like people are more interested in the shiny tech stuff, but even behind that, what we all crave most deeply is connection. At CMX, we help organizations harness this desire for good — and profit.”

For Carrie, The Riveter is a great fit. She works remotely, and was looking for, what else – a community!  “Plain and simple. I’ve never felt so connected to Seattle’s entrepreneurial scene before, but also so balanced and taken care of. It’s helped me find my voice within that community, close deals, make friends, and have buddies to grab coffee with! And the yoga is incredible! The friendships and events are even better.”

When not working for CMX, Carrie can be found meeting with her Seattle Sewing Circle, which gathers anyone in Seattle who wants to sew together. She also loves walking and hiking with her dog Bruce Wayne. As a dog lover, and someone good with a needle and thread, she is getting ready to launch her own dog apparel company, The Everydog, by the end of the year. Follow her on twitter @theeverydog.

We’re so happy to have you at The Riveter, Carrie! We look forward to making more meaningful connections with you and watching your businesses grow.