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Make Wellness a Priority

Wellness. Everything in life stems from your well-being. Have you ever thought about that? We came across a blog post from Create & Cultivate on how putting health and happiness first can improve your career. All the head nods when reading their post because YES! Improving your career stems from your health and happiness, but so does improving your overall life. What's causing us to not focus on our personal wellness as much as we should? Stress. In honor of Seattle Startup Week (because #startuplife) on the horizon and #WellnessWednesday, we wanted to highlight some of our key takeaways from this fabulous post.

1. Time management

Take. The. Time. It's so easy to focus on work and push aside the wellness aspect of our day, like going to the gym or taking that yoga class. It's easy to say, "Meeting this work deadline is more important." Meeting that deadline is important, but how can you prioritize your day to meet the deadline, but ALSO take time to focus on your well-being? Use time management. Make it work. That's one thing we loved about the Create & Cultivate article–stress affects your mind in numerous ways. Deserting your wellness and being a ball of stress will most likely not result in the best finished product anyway, so make wellness a to-do list item and not an optional activity.

2. Laugh often

"When you don’t have time to squeeze in a workout, try having a good laugh." Uh huh. Yes. If you need some laughing inspiration, try scrolling through Ellen's Twitter feed. It's a good thing laughing is important for your health because who doesn't love doing that?! It not only relieves stress and pain, but it helps your immune system. Who knew?! So remember to laugh often (yes cheesy, but important!). 

3. It's a win-win

Not only does focusing on your health and happiness help you, but it helps your company and team too (hence the "win-win"). Did you see all those stats? Enough said. A work-life balance is necessary and although it may be outweighed some days, or weeks, focusing on your wellness only has to be a few minutes a day. Of course more would be better, but trust us, we get it. Even a little wellness time can make a big difference in your overall well-being. For example, join one of our five minute guided meditations or take a break in our wellness room.

Some days it seems impossible to fit it all in. We understand. However, improving your overall life, and career, stems from your focus on personal well-being, so make it a priority. You'll thank yourself later. Continue keeping up with our blog on Wednesdays for diverse ways to contribute to your personal wellness!

Is there a specific wellness topic you want to learn more about? We'd love to hear it. Email us at hello@theriveter.co.