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It's Time Ambitious Women Change the World

In a recent Glamour article, Reese Witherspoon gave us her thoughts on the power of female ambition. What happened afterward? We got all the feels (and now we want to be best friends with her). For the past few years, Witherspoon has been making amazing strides on behalf of women and she's just getting started. With her production company, and now her new multimedia company, she's going to continue making strides for women, specifically in the TV, film and online industries, by telling their stories. 

Below are three takeaways we got from her "pep talk" with Glamour:

1. Women are better together

It's always a nice reminder! From mentorship to a community, women working together are more powerful. Witherspoon is a prime example of promoting this (did you see all those encouraging shoutouts she gave? Kudos. #WomenEmpoweringWomen) We need to be more like her on the reg.

2. We're not done

"All we can do to create change is work hard." We've put pressure on the glass ceiling, but we're not done! We have to keep working hard. Witherspoon talks about the amazing strides we've made, but we agree that we still have more work to do. Sometimes it might feel defeating when we're forced to take steps backward, but it's important to use that as a motivator to continue pushing onward (just reread Reese's pep talk or ask for one in our Riveter community!).

3. We're (even more) motivated to change the world 

The world WILL change if we keep inviting ambition, so that's what we need to do. Keep your ambition alive by staying inspired. We're all inspired in different ways and it's important to be part of a community that will help fuel that inspiration, which will in turn fuel your ambition.

Have we convinced you to give Reese's pep talk a read yet? We're feeling motivated, inspired, ready to change the world (all the feels, remember?) and we want you to feel the same. Happy Monday!