Where To Live Between Success And Failure

When was the last time you experienced success, that tingly, butterflies in your stomach feeling of expansion? When was the last time you experienced failure, that heavy, pit in your stomach feeling of loss?

August is upon us and some of us will be saying good-bye to summer by prepping the kids for school or making a big push to end the year with our business on a high note. The latter can feel heavy as we weigh our successes for the year against the goals that we are still aiming for.

 Where do we live in between the successes and failures that are both inevitable as we put our ideas into the world?

In this short and passionate talk by best-selling author, Elizabeth Gilbert, she reminds us to return “home” when we are teetering between wild success or gut-wrenching failures.

The fates of success and failure are labeled by the world as good or bad. Gilbert shares that, your subconscious is completely incapable of discerning the difference between good and bad; it only feels the exact distance that you feel from your self in both success and failure.

She says, “Your home is whatever you love in this world more than you love yourself.” Both success and failure can bring up a reaction that keeps us feeling far away from our identities and afraid to keep creating. The world needs every ounce of what we create from exactly who we are.

“Failure catapults you into the blinding darkness of disappointment. Success catapults you just as abruptly, but just as far into the equally blinding glare of fame, recognition, and praise.”

When we experience the vulnerability of taking a new job, making a pitch, or creating something brand new it is important that we honor ourselves enough to know where it is that we feel safe. For Gilbert that home is writing; she says, “I loved writing more than I hated failing at writing.”

Who or what in your life gives you the feeling that you are home? What do you need to do, who do you need to see, or where do you need to go to be home?

Head into this month strong and decide how you will show up and honor all that is. And remember when things feel too much, or too overwhelming, to go home, where, as Gilbert says, you are safe from the random hurricane of outcomes as long as you never forget where you rightfully live.