How to Beat Stress and Enjoy the Holiday Season

Our December monthly Live | Learn with our partners, Ama La Vida Coaching focused on putting the happy back into the holidays. While the holidays provide moments to spend time with loved ones, they can also bring increased stress into our lives. Whether it's buying everyone the perfect gift or finishing up work before your company breaks for the holidays or organizing holiday plans so you'll get to spend time with everyone, the stress can sometimes take away from the season that's supposed to be merry and bright. If you missed the opportunity to attend the Live | Learn, here's a quick recap on the secrets to beating stress and enjoying the holiday season.

New studies on stress research show that it's not the stress that is harming us, but it's our thinking toward stress that does. Sometimes we even stress about getting stressed! Change how you're perceiving stress. Think about the attitude or thoughts you're approaching it with. Instead of thinking of stress negatively, think of it as a motivator. You have a lot to do, now use that stress to fuel your productivity and prioritizing skills. Use tactics like these to work through it. Stress is setting us up for our performance, so when you change your mind about stress, you change your body's response to stress. 

Another important factor to keep in mind is your emotional and physiological response to stress. Listen to your body, learn what it feels like when you are stressed and pay attention to the triggers. Know when it's okay to push yourself and when it's time to say no. Determine your personal limits and then stick to them. 

Try using these three stress management tips from ALV's certified coach, Mandy Jankus and from Bren√© Brown

1. Permission slips

Give yourself permission to feel. Acknowledge that you have been hooked by an emotion or situation and allow yourself to feel/be/do whatever you need in that moment. By denying permission to feel, we are trying to deny our emotions.

2. Mindfulness

Pay attention. Get curious about what you are feeling. Explore the reactions that you have and how you typically respond.

3. Tactical/Box Breathing

This helps to get you centered and calm. Inhale for four seconds, hold your breath for four seconds, exhale for four seconds and hold for four seconds.

We're wishing you a stress-free and happy holiday season with your loved ones! 


The Riveter has partnered with Ama La Vida (ALV) to provide members with the coaching, support and resources needed to develop epic goals, overcome obstacles and reach new levels of happiness and success. ALV is an innovative coaching company founded by three women who sought to refresh and revolutionize the way coaching is designed and delivered. Keep an eye out on our events page for ALV's monthly Live | Learns with The Riveter!