How Feelings Can Fuel the Tech World

The myth of the – usually male – loner tech genius is hard to break, as evidenced by the memo a Google engineer sent out last week detailing what he perceives to be the biological inferiorities of women in the tech industry.

 In it, he makes the tired argument that women can't be as successful as men in the industry because they're more focused on “feelings and aesthetics” than ideas. We built The Riveter to break down these outdated – and flat out wrong – stereotypes and instead highlight the leadership qualities women bring to the table, i.e. how those "feelings" translate to valuable interpersonal skills. This article in response to the memo argues that empathy is actually key in making products that fulfill a genuine need in the marketplace – hi, GoogleGlass – and take into account the preferences of the people using them. Moreover, a collaborative workplace like the Riveter that values diverse voices is crucial to building an effective team, even in a field as loner-friendly as engineering.