Hi, My Name Is Dorothea Coffee

Everything we do at The Riveter, every moment, from the professional development classes we organize, to the coffee we've chosen, to the partnerships we form is done to build a new world for women. This, right here, is what our movement looks like and our members, and partners, are at the ground floor; helping us lead the charge.

We’re excited to welcome a new partner into our spaces this week! Meet, Dorothea Coffee. You’ll primarily find her in the kitchen, so be sure to snag a cup and say hi 👋. Not only is Dorothea a female founded (🙌), Seattle-based micro-roaster, but she’s socially conscious. “The Riveter” blend of coffee we’ll now be featuring in our spaces is made of beans from co-ops that are driven by women from around the world and we’re happy to welcome them into our community!

Fun Facts About Dorothea:

  • Dorothea’s name comes from the city, Dorothea, in Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities.
  • Not only can you find her in The Riveter spaces, but numerous places throughout Seattle.
  • Dorothea’s primary home is in a small, purple house in the Central District.
  • She started as a dream idea, but her founders took a risk to turn her into a reality.
  • Are you a fan of record players? You two will get along great.

Read Dorothea Coffee's story and meet the team!


Feature photo provided by Dorothea Coffee.