Hello Spring!

In case you missed it, we officially bid farewell to winter yesterday. As we embrace the days filled with light, we are supported by a season bursting with dynamic energy. Spring wellness rituals nudge us toward renewal and growth. We focus on cleansing our bodies, purging our living spaces and shedding habits that weigh us down. Winter encourages accumulation, as we naturally slow down and rest. Now is the time to get moving. For more on seasonal Ayurvedic wellness, head on over to my blog. 

What are you ready to release as you transition into this new, vibrant season? I get quite attached to my screen in the dark months. I often find a few shows I like, then let addiction take hold and carry me through the dreary days. Now that the world is brightening before my eyes, I feel able to loosen my grip on this habit. I’m ready for a digital diet to realign my body with nature’s rhythm. To break my evening show habit, I’m turning to an ancient ritual – candle gazing.

Candles are more associated with the season we just left. Though daylight lingers now, it’s still long gone by bedtime. Instead of winding down with my eyes glued to my screen last night, I lit a candle and let myself grow sleepy. I drew inspiration from Candle Hour by Julia Scott.

I’ll feel in my bones that the day has passed - as all days, even fearful ones, eventually do. The day’s last act is cast in flickering gold. I’ll watch the flame bob and let my mind wander, until I realize I’m sleepy. After a while, I’ll lean over and blow it out, ready now for darkness - where renewal begins.  

As you spring forward from your winter habits and into the new season, get moving with us at The Riveter during our upcoming wellness opportunities! The Riveter members can take any Wednesday class at BurnCycle for free during the month of March. Tomorrow, we're practicing our self defense and Saturday, we're curing our winter blues by getting our yoga on with Irish Coffee! 


Rebekah Papé is a writer, yoga teacher and The Riveter member. She teaches breath, meditation and yoga asana on Fridays at 11:30 a.m. and noon at Capitol Hill.