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Friday Feature: Melissa Peterman

This week's Friday Feature goes out to another amazing member! Meet, Melissa Peterman. You can find her working in our Fremont space with Townsquared


Melissa has been part of our community since May when our Capitol Hill space first opened. She joined after meeting our co-founder who spoke on her self-care panel for Townsquared last spring. We took some time to chat with Melissa about her work with Townsquared and her experience at The Riveter.

What are a few of your favorite things about The Riveter? 

I really love the ambitious women who are members and staff here. I love the on-site yoga and meditation offerings and ALL the effort that goes into scheduling really great events. I also love the glorious smelling lotions in the bathroom, thanks! :)

Tell us about yourself! Include 3 fun facts. 

I went to culinary school and had my own catering company. I'm the co-founder of the One Night Only Project and I've summited Mt. Kilimanjaro. 

Tell us what you do! 

I am the Community Manager of the Pacific Northwest for Townsquared, the localized small business network

What is Townsquared? How can members get involved (any events?)? 

The Townsquared community has more than 3100 members in Seattle and about 2,000 on the Eastside. The small business owners/managers come from ALL backgrounds – from makers, finance, retail and restaurants, to insurance, non-profit and solo-preneurs. It's an online network of verified business owners where people can ask the community for advice and share their events, etc. It's like a local LinkedIn / digital chamber of commerce. I host networking events, workshops and a women's meet-up group. It is free to join. You just need to visit Townsquared.com and enter in your business information. You can use the verification code: Melissa. 

What is your advice to women professionals / entrepreneurs? 

I would say don't wait until it's perfect to launch something. I would also say that the person who is covered in battle wounds and scars from multiple attempts for trying is far more successful than the folks who didn't try at all from fear of failing or waiting to try until the "time was right." 

What's your perspective on success / failure? 

Funny, as it relates to the above! I think success is a series of many, many mistakes that eventually lead you to these mini wins and small gains and knowledge – it's that point of appreciation for achieving those mini wins that all add up to your experience and being happy knowing that you gave it your best. You went for it. 

What is your favorite book / podcast of all time? 

I'm in a searching phase for that book right now, I'd love suggestions! Most recently, I really enjoyed "You are a Badass and the Happiness Project."

What is your proudest accomplishment? 

I'm really proud of the community that I have built with Townsquared over the past two years. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I can connect people who need each other to move forward with their goals and I feel like I've helped a lot of people make those connections in the past two years. I've also made a ton of mistakes this year, which has really helped me grow.

If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?

1999/2000, when I traveled to 22 countries in a study abroad program.

What would you sing at karaoke night? 

Billy Joel or Morrissey!


Head over to our Fremont space to meet Melissa and keep up with Townsquared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


Stay tuned every Friday for a feature blog post on The Riveter members! We have amazing members in our Capitol Hill and Fremont spaces and we're excited to share their stories. #TheRiveterMembers