Friday Feature: Food as Passion and Nourishment

“Food is more than what we eat everyday; it’s our memories, our medicine, and our nourishment”, says Heather of Kailyard Kitchen. Her passion for food is clear, and her journey through what she does with food is inspiring.

Heather has been in the culinary field for years and the transition from restaurants to being a personal chef was scary. She says, “change is something that you have to come to terms with when you’re doing what you know you’re called to do.” Her work in restaurants helped her gain experience, and also the knowing that it was connection through food that she yearned for.

Kailyard Kitchen grew out of a lifelong passion for where food comes from. Heather remembers her grandfather’s vegetable garden and what it felt like to be a part of harvesting things like lettuces and tomatoes. She says that it’s been so nice to work with farms near Seattle, as “it’s not just a job for them.” She keeps that in her bones by working at Jubilee Farm once a week to manage their medicinal herb garden, care for irrigation pipes, and prune the plum trees.

She combined her experience cooking for mindfulness meditation retreats and her background as an herbalist to cater to the unmet needs of new mothers. Heather says she was inspired by the book, The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother, and how other cultures treated the period of post partum. Heather focuses on healthy foods that keep the body warm after giving birth.


She says, “it’s not about breakfast, lunch, and dinner; it’s about what the new mother is craving.” Included in her New Mother Meals are items like bone broth made to feel like a warm hug, lactation tea, and a homemade sitz bath for comfort. From Heather’s perspective, creating Kailyard Kitchen and the new mother meals helped to reinforce the aspect of community that she loves food to be a part of.

Some of Heather’s favorite ingredients are cinnamon, for it’s ability to remind you of home, radishes because, “they are so cute and spicy, but roasting them makes them sweet.” She enjoys cooking dishes in the fall such as pumpkin chili, which really allows us to slow down and enjoy food at different stages.

Heather shared a great motto that is applicable to any woman, “take the leap to do something you love and the universe will provide.

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