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Friday Feature: Eleanor Kirtley

This week's Friday Feature goes out to another amazing member! Meet, Eleanor Kirtley. You can find her brightening up your day in our Fremont space and working with Green Marine.

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Eleanor has been part of our community since September when our Fremont space first opened. After hearing about The Riveter from a fellow member and friend, she was happy to find a space closer to home that allows her to bike to work! We took some time to chat with Eleanor about her work with Green Marine and her experience at The Riveter.

What are a few of your favorite things about The Riveter?

A productive and beautiful workspace with a helpful and friendly support staff. Also, after three years in an office space downtown, I was happy to find someplace closer to home. Yay for bike commuting again! 

Tell us about yourself! Include 3 fun facts.

My fleet of slippers includes turtles and hobbit feet. I haven’t yet brought in a pair to the office. If left up to me, any design theme would be northwoods kitsch, such as bears, canoes, flannel and pine trees.

What is Green Marine? How can members get involved (any events)?

Green Marine is a voluntary, environmental certification program for the maritime industry. Think LEED, but we certify port authorities, terminal operators, shipowners, shipyards and…the Saint Lawrence Seaway. We are a bi-national program, founded in Quebec City in 2007.

Events? Why, yes! Thanks for asking. Our annual conference is called GreenTech. For 2018, we’ll be hosting in Vancouver, BC, May 30 – June 1. Anyone interested in maritime or environmental issues should please come. I’d love to welcome fellow Riveters. More info online: https://www.green-marine.org/greentech/.

Riveter members can also get involved by reading Green Marine’s newsletter and magazine. In English and French!

Tell us what you do!

I’m the West Coast Program Manager and I'm responsible for member support, outreach and program development. Each summer/fall/winter, we review and update our certification criteria, as needed. This year, I’m focusing on greenhouse gases and air pollutants for the landslide participants and on Aquatic Invasive Species with the shipowners. In other words, I manage committees and facilitate meetings in order to reach consensus with our members. And at the end of the day, I work to keep my boss and co-workers happy, who are three and four time zones east.

What is your advice to women professionals / entrepreneurs.

Ask questions and ask for help. I’ve been gratefully surprised at the willingness of other professionals to share their expertise. Even better, they often then are invested in your next steps and success.

What's your perspective on success / failure?

It’s cliché, but: Don’t let perfect stand in the way of progress. I don’t have time to over-optimize. For me, success these days means that everyone around the table says the outcome is simply okay.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Keeping my baby, Harry alive and well for a whole year so far. The PhD is a close second. Maybe my background in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering would have been a fun fact?! I’m pretty darn proud of my hubby of 9.5 years, too.

What is your favorite book of all time?

Book? Oh, I remember reading once. And even books about something other than baby brewing and caretaking. Instead, I recommend my current favorite podcasts: Happier, Sporkful, and Nerdette!

If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?

I'm pretty grateful for where I am right now and who is with me here.

What would you sing at karaoke night?

I wish I had a go-to! Probably a show tune. My Pandora is playing a lot of musical theatre soundtracks.


Head over to our Fremont space to meet Eleanor and keep up with Green Marine on Twitter @GMarine_AVerte. 


Stay tuned every Friday for a feature blog post on a Riveter member! We have amazing members in our Capitol Hill and Fremont spaces and we're excited to share their stories. #RiveterMembers