Friday Feature: Armoire

This week's Friday Feature goes out to one of our amazing members! Meet, Ambika Singh. You can find her at our Capitol Hill space working with Armoire or at one of their styling events. 


Armoire CEO

Ambika has been part of our Riveter community since the beginning. Her and her team toured our Capitol Hill space when it was still under construction and after falling in love, they joined in May! We took some time to chat with Ambika about Armoire and their experience at The Riveter.

What are a few of your favorite things about The Riveter?

I love living in a customer laboratory that gives me access and insight into the customer set we [Armoire] are building for–something I could not get anywhere else.

Tell us about yourself! Include 3 fun facts.

I really don’t like it when foods I am eating touch each other and if a savory and a sweet meet, I just can’t go on. When I was little I wanted to be a school bus driver part-time and a quilt maker the rest of the time. Hmm. I love loud pants–they make me feel like a badass.

What is Armoire? How does it work?

Armoire is a smart clothing rental service that provides an endless stream of high-end apparel items that are selected according to your individual preferences. The best part–we take the hassle out of dressing by being your personal stylist, closet simplifier and dry cleaner all in one, eliminating the time wasted in endless browsing and closet maintenance.

Tell us Armoire's founding story. Yay #femalefounders.

We got our start in 2016 through Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s storied incubator. We're striving to improve the lives of our customers, busy and accomplished women across the country, by delivering closet simplicity through curation and rental.

Tell us about your styling events.

We can host complimentary, private styling sessions at the Riveter or make it social by inviting your girlfriends. Pick out your favorite items without worrying about the price and take them all home for a flat fee, while enjoying bubbles and snacks!

What is your advice to young, women professionals / entrepreneurs.

Networking to me is a bit of a throwaway term. My advice is to build real relationships with people you like; do right by everyone to the extent that is possible, but really invest and give to people who are your friends–these people are the network that will come to bat for you when you really need it and when the days are dark.

What is your perspective on success / failure?

I don’t think either of those terms exist in the real world–they are too black and white. Every day has elements of both of those concepts, and the end point on both continues to shift so you’re never in either state completely.

What is the best piece and the worst piece of advice you've ever been given?

Best–pick something you are intellectually engaged in and do it with people you like. Life is short.
Worst–fail fast. Don’t fail, just adapt and change. Also if you “fail” fast you won’t get anywhere because everything takes a lot of hard work and time to make work.
Keep up with Ambika and Armoire on Instagram and join them at one of their events

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