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Forget Networking, Build a Community


We invest a lot in our personal relationships – we seek out people who will make a positive imprint on our lives, who help us to become better individuals, or fulfill our potential. Sometimes we simply find joy in the presence of others and desire their company. Whatever the reason, we work hard at cultivating and nurturing these relationships. Why not make a similar investment in our professional relationships?

We all understand the importance of professional networking and the familiar adage “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” We’ve all worked rooms exchanging business cards, making small talk, hoping to meet that person who can help us. However, in the attached article “Forget Networking – Build a Community”, Andy Whelan suggests it is an investment in your professional community, rather than networking that can yield the biggest results. Networking can often feel transactional. I’ve even heard people compare it to speed dating. Uncomfortable and forced. Instead, what if you took the time to nurture your professional relationships by connecting authentically with those around you? There are very practical reasons for why this is a good idea; professional communities make collaboration easier, they keeps us informed of the latest technologies, and what lies ahead. Just like our personal relationships help us to become richer individuals, nurturing professional relationships can make us better at our jobs, and perhaps help us make personal connections as well.

At The Riveter, we are building a community that we hope helps you do this. Did you know you work amongst a diverse group of individuals? You are entrepreneurs and nonprofit consultants, writers, bloggers and storytellers, technology experts, coaches, and lawyers, to name a few. We want to help you make connections, whether it is by grabbing coffee at the coffee bar, sitting with someone new at a desk, participating in a yoga class, or taking part in the many events hosted by us. Take advantage of your membership by participating in our wellness programs, Vision and Voices or Live and Learn segments, or even one of our hosted happy hours on a Friday afternoon. In the coming weeks we will start featuring member profiles and some of your professional milestones so you can become familiar with the faces you see day to day. If there are other things we can do here at The Riveter to help you make connections and build your community, we want to hear from you. We hope you will take the time to get to know one another – there is a treasure trove of talent sitting right here at The Riveter because of all of you. You never know where it may lead.

Forget Networking – Build a Community