Female Founders Conference 2018

When 200 female founders and women entrepreneurs all get together in one place...it's a party. An exciting one too. This Saturday, we're hosting Y Combinator's Female Founders Conference at The Riveter Capitol Hill. Changemakers will come together this weekend to share their stories, successes, failures and advice. 

Since 2014, this conference has been helping women who want to start and run their own startups. Y Combinator has created a platform where successful women can share their experiences with founders who are just getting started. It's essential for women to support other women and to have access to resources, community and mentorship so women-led companies will continue to thrive.

In previous years, Y Combinator has hosted one conference in the Bay Area, but this year they will be hosting three events throughout the country, the first one hosted in our hood! If you are unable to make the Seattle conference, be on the look out for this summer's New York conference and this fall's Bay Area event.

Will you be joining us on Saturday? If so, we want to hear what you're most excited about! Throughout the event, you'll have opportunities to meet Y Combinator partners, alumni other female entrepreneurs and investors based in the Seattle area. The half-day event will feature talks and panels, along with a closing reception! 

One-on-one office hours with female founders in Seattle will be held pre- and post-event on Friday, Feb. 2 and Sunday, Feb. 4. 

Here's a teaser to get you excited! 

Female Founders Conference 2017 from Cinema Butterfly on Vimeo.

Photo provided by Y Combinator.


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