Eating Together

Our #WellnessWednesday focus this week is food and community. You’ll notice we've dedicated a table in the main room for communal eating. We hope you’ll use it as a space to enjoy lunch away from your workspace and devices, and embrace an opportunity to meet other members by connecting over food. By taking even 15 minutes to step out of productivity mode, you’ll nourish your body in the most basic way.

Moving away from your workspace signals your body that it’s in a safe place to begin the digestive process. If the body remains in a state of stress, the digestive system shuts down and the food you take in tends to hang out in the stomach much longer than necessary, leading to bloating and lethargy (among other discomforts). Not a great way to prepare for a productive afternoon. We tend to dismiss food rituals as quaint and time consuming, not necessary if we just need something to fuel our hunger. But ritual is a powerful way to bring wellness into your daily routine. Slow food doesn’t have to mean a three hour lunch. How about just a little space in the middle of your day to eat with intention, really taste your food and connect with another human or two.

A while back, I came across Simple Rules for Healthy Eating. I appreciated all of the tips, but number 7 resonated with me the most:

Eat with other people, especially people you care about, as often as possible. This has benefits even outside those of nutrition. It will make you more likely to cook. It will most likely make you eat more slowly. It will also make you happy.

Who doesn’t want a little extra happiness, especially as the days get shorter and wetter? Join us at the communal table!


Rebekah is a writer, food and community advocate, and a Riveter member. Connect with her at and on Instagram @rebekahpape.

Photo Credit: Lou Karsen