Daily Brilliance Calendar

How often do you look at your calendar and feel overwhelmed by the list of to-dos? Do you constantly find yourself saying, “There is not enough time in the day to get everything done?” Do you end up filling your day by taking care of business and serving others so much that you forget to make space for yourself? Do you crawl in bed at night feeling wiped out and off balance?


If you answered yes to all or any of these questions, you are not alone. As women, we wear multiple hats. We may be mothers, daughters, partners, mentors, managers, friends and volunteers. And no matter what our roles are in life, our days are multifaceted.  Between the layers of doing, creating and serving, it is vital that we don’t burn out and crash. That is why I created the Daily Brilliance Calendar. I recognized after working with women of all backgrounds and life stages that there is a commonality in forgetting to prioritize ourselves during our daily flow. We allow work, family and friends to override our basic needs,  and over time, this makes us feel like more of a victim to life. We literally lack the oxygen to fuel our lives.  Consistently prioritizing others over ourselves can snowball into feeling irritable, lacking energy, not feeling confident in our own skin and being indecisive. The Daily Brilliance Calendar allows us to remember that practicing self-care is not selfish. It is smart! I dare you for the next three weeks to practice making the Daily Brilliance Calendar a part of your scheduling routine and notice the shift in your energy. Notice how much more alive, present, empowered and connected you feel to life and your own badassery. When you feel your strongest from the inside out, you are then able to show up for your community and the world as your brighter and bolder self.

Access the calendar here


Here is how to complete the worksheet:


Step 1. Write down your daily intention. Share what your aim and mission is for the day. You can use the same intention each day or switch it up. (Ex. My intention today is: to be fearless and bold OR to be deeply present when communicating OR to feel confident with my decision making.


Step 2. What are 3 values you want to live by today? Think about your core values and what is most important to you. Some ideas could be: love, abundance, creativity, family, adventure, play, diligence, honesty, flexibility, etc etc…


Step 3. Brain-dump ways you can practice each of the categories listed (Breathe time, busy time, brilliant time). Don’t let your mind get caught up in the “how.” This is a moment to brainstorm without any doubts or restrictions.

Breathe time: Time where you are consciously connecting to your body and your breath. This could be meditating, stretching, running, biking etc. Any activity that resonates with you and supports you connecting to your breath.

Busy time: The activities that keep you busy and move your life and greater goals forward. Time where you get to run errands, have phone calls, meetings, taxes etc..

Brilliant time: Time where your creativity gets to shine. Whether that is painting, cooking dinner, writing, dancing, playing make believe, etc. You get to allow your inner brilliance to shine.


Step 4. After you’ve brain-dumped into each category, circle at least one idea from each category and then schedule it on the right hand side in your daily Get-To calendar. Don’t get attached to how it will look or how much time it needs to take. Just as long as you get to practice some element of each of these categories in your daily flow, you’re on the right track. Remember that each action you take is a choice. They are all a form of a Get-To!


Step 5: Celebrate! Pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for carving out sacred space to tap into your intention, values and the holistic ways you get to practice feeling energized and empowered from the inside out. Share your celebrations with me on facebook, instagram or shoot me an email!