Commemorating MLK Day

"The Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday celebrates the life and legacy of a man who brought hope and healing to America." - Coretta Scott King

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Art by Petra Eriksson Illustrator

Today we honor Martin Luther King Jr. The same hope and healing he brought to the world around us then, is what we need to remember today and everyday as we again fight for equality. Not only did he inspire the nation with his words, he inspired the nation with his actions. He marched and he resisted. He refused to be silenced, even when faced with brutality. 

We will continue to honor Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy as we strive to make our world and our communities better places. Like him, we must not only use our voices to create change, but we must take action. Join us this weekend and throughout the rest of the year with continued resistance.

Spend some time today to commemorate an amazing leader and inspiration:

Read the meaning behind #MLKDay by Coretta Scott King here.

MLK's message still resonates today, and for Monday Motivation, we're letting him do the talking here


Photos from our Poster Party yesterday in preparation for the Seattle Women's March on Saturday, Jan. 20.