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Accessible Ayurveda – Welcome Winter

Welcome. You made it to the darkest few days of the year. Take a moment today to sit still and notice the responses in your mind and body to the darkness. What comes up for you?  

I feel a sense of relief. It was a rough fall in our household. My toddler started pre-school and I traded some extra time in my days for several rounds of cold and flu, the latest of which knocked me out for two weeks a the beginning of December. Before that, we endured a very wet and cold November in the Pacific Northwest, as the days grew shorter. Autumn’s turbulent energy took its toll on us. Winter isn’t my favorite season, but I find myself looking forward to the steady, hushed qualities it ushers in. It’s time to slow down and revel in this period of time when nature hibernates, to welcome the light as it slowly creeps back into our days. For more on this seasonal transition, hop on over to my blog for winter wellness tips and practices.

Many of us are looking forward to a celebratory couple of weeks with family and friends. Others of us will just get through this time as best we can – these weeks can feel more lonely and hard than the rest of the year. The spectrum of our collective experiences during this time are all valid. Spending quiet moments in reflection are useful whether your thoughts are happy or sad or angry.  

It’s important to remember that not every moment in life should feel good. If we are attached to the idea of everything feeling good, we miss the other half of the human experience, and will be disappointed often. I have found that forming a relationship with discomfort makes happiness richer.

 - Melina Meza, Art of Sequencing

Whatever the next two weeks hold for you, I encourage you to make space for stillness so you can listen to the wisdom of your body. So you can feel whatever is present and be curious about what you find. And for a culture and world in turmoil, I hope we can learn to practice loving kindness with ourselves and each other.  

may we have health and happiness, may we be free from suffering, may we know love, may we live with ease


Rebekah Papé is a writer, yoga teacher, food systems consultant and The Riveter member. Her personal wellness practices and teachings are seasonally inspired. Join her today at Capitol Hill for Accessible Ayurveda - Welcome Winter and weekly for yoga and meditationRead more of her musings at rebekahpape.com.