2017 and the Year of Women

"Despite the odds, women have earned some pretty big—and small—victories this year, and they’re worth celebrating as we plan for a future that feels both uncertain and invigorating when you consider how smart, strong, and mobilized half the population is right this second." —Perrie Samotin

What a year for women it's been. We've had wins, and we've had losses, but overall, it's been a damn good year. We plan on carrying this momentum over into 2018 at The Riveter because...we're just getting started. Glamour released an amazing article earlier this month on 101 reasons it's damn good to be a woman in 2017 and we thought we’d take a moment, during this Thanksgiving holiday, to give thanks to those who have contributed to the groundswell. Cheers to big and small wins!

1. We fought back

Women were fighters this year and we applaud that. Our voices deserve to be heard and we are no longer going to be silenced. We’ve shed light on topics that were previously diminished or swept under the rug, like the #MeToo movement, and we stood together and marched for rights that we deserve. We didn’t even let the law silence us (we see you, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Maxine Waters). Use your voice and keep empowering others to do the same.

2. We made history

Numerous women broke glass ceilings in their individual industries this year and made history, paving the way for even more to come behind. Wonder Woman took the film industry by storm with record-breaking numbers, a strong female lead (YES, Gal Gadot) and Patty Jenkins becoming the highest paid female director of all time. Viola Davis also made history with being the first black actor to achieve a Triple Crown. Women can compete in male-dominated industries and, in fact, come out on top. So here’s to not being intimidated. Channel your own Wonder Woman and take on the world with some badass females at your side.

3. We broke stereotypes

Women have long faced stereotypes of how we should act, how we should be, how we should dress, etc. However, as changemakers, we challenged the “norm” and started creating our own. Women are continuously proving we can have it all (peep #18). Pregnant women changed the dynamic this year and proved to the world that they aren’t in fact the stereotypical “delicate flowers.” Women can be pregnant and win an Australian Open (we see you, Serena Williams).

We have to stick together in this fight. We’ve gained ground, but our fight in closing the gender gap and breaking through the glass ceiling is far from over. Surround yourself with a community that's going to encourage you to keep moving forward. Surround yourself with a community that’s going to challenge you, uplift you and help you reach your full, maybe even untapped, potential. 2017 was a damn good year for women, but 2018 is going to be remarkably unparalleled and we’re ready. Happy #MondayMotivation!


Photo credit: Amy Galbraith