10-Day Meditation Challenge

My path to meditation involved anything but actually sitting down to meditate. I kept circling around the cushion for years. I was too busy, busy on my yoga mat! I began teaching yoga in the early 2000s and made it my everything. Teaching led me to CorePower Yoga, where I helped to grow the company from less than 10 studios to 170 as a Regional Director and National Director of Yoga Quality.

During this time, I studied meditation and guided meditations, but I was still circling. I knew I needed to sit, but I wasn’t ready. My inner critic was too loud. The only way I could ignore it was to work hard enough and serve others enough to prove my critic wrong. I stayed really busy on "anything but" until life made me ready. Thankfully, everything fell apart.

This Deepak Chopra quote sums it up, “Happiness for a reason is just another form of misery because the reason can be taken away at anytime.”

Stripped of my reasons, I finally gave in. With my resulting regular meditation practice, my inner critic is still loud...and we’re slowly becoming friends. I’m finally cutting through all the busyness to what is real. In this real place, I’m finding peace and fulfillment, an honest foundation to rebuild. 

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The upcoming 10-Day Meditation Challenge at The Riveter is my chance to share what I’m building. The 10 short sessions will be a place to come together to learn about meditation and more importantly to learn about yourself. Have you been circling around the cushion? Join us to tap into your peace and fulfillment.

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Sign-up here. All proceeds from the $20 sign-up fee will go to Mary’s Place.

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After 12 years as a Yoga teacher and Director of Operations for what is now the world's largest network of Yoga studios, CorePower Yoga, Sarah Goble is setting out on another wellness frontier. From her own life and work experience, she has learned it's impossible to jump off the speeding freight train in our minds to complete calm and quiet. Therefore, she has developed tried and true ways of meeting people where they are. In the meditation studio, she leads by example and keeps it real. The result is REALmeditation an accessible, non-dogmatic meditation method to fit into and enhance the experience of modern life.