The Riveter is a membership network built by women, for everyone, offering coworking spaces, programming, and community.

We see a world in which equality of opportunity in work is not a promise, it is a reality. We work to build this world, every day. We center women and their work in all our efforts, but we are devout in welcoming everyone. We know that the future of work will be equitable only if everyone - regardless of gender - works to make it so. We welcome you to join us as we level the playing field, as we create space, and as we move mountains.

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Marketing Manager


The Marketing Manager will be a multi-channel marketer who will contribute to and execute strategy through innovative, multi-channel campaigns. This person will be part execution and part cross-functional, and is a pivotal role to drive growth. The Marketing Manager will work closely with internal and external partners to conceive and propose strategies and concepts for earned, owned and paid efforts, and will guide those projects through execution to hit key metrics and revenue goals. This will include creating tests, analyzing results, and structuring scalable campaigns across owned and paid channels. The Marketing Manager will own execution of campaigns and deliverables end-to-end, will analyze data, and will solve problems. This role is inherently cross-functional and cross-channel, working closely with external partners, internal marketing teams, sales teams, regional leads, design, operations, finance, and executive teams. This role will be based in Seattle.

What You’ll Do:

  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to develop the marketing plan, value proposition and positioning
  • Create and manage objectives-driven project plans
  • Manage product messaging across key owned channels
  • Manage consumer targeting and segmentation
  • Test, direct and optimize multichannel campaign execution
  • Develop and execute go-to-market plans for new locations
  • Support sales with resources, assets, and segment expertise
  • Manage and execute owned and paid channels
  • Develop and distribute status and results reporting
  • Align data with sales and marketing efforts
  • Manage budgets, payables
  • Prioritize and course-shift or -correct swiftly
  • Cultivate organization-wide trust through excellent communication and collaboration

You're Our Ideal Teammate if You:

  • Have bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • Have 2+ years consumer marketing experience for established brand or marketing agency
  • Have 2+ years using analytics and measurement tools – Google Analytics, CRM, paid social – to direct
  • Have 2+ years CMS experience
  • Have analytical approach for evaluating metrics and campaign performance
  • Have multichannel awareness and expertise
  • Have industry, marketing and cultural awareness
  • Have budget management experience
  • Have experience managing vendors
  • Are an excellent writer and editor
  • Have impeccable attention to detail
  • Are a self-starter
  • Are organized and able to manage competing priorities
  • Have experience and comfort influencing various stakeholders
  • Are calm and good-natured under pressure

Apply Now:

Hi There -

I'm thrilled that you're interested in learning more about The Riveter and exploring job opportunities in which you can help shape the future of work. We opened the first Riveter location in May 2017. We are now 19 months in and we have five locations in two states, 20+ team members, a digital platform and a membership of over 2000. In the next two years, we plan to open an additional 15+ locations in multiple states, grow our digital membership from zero to thousands, and build an internal team of over 75. We’ve gone from mere idea to a reality meriting coverage in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Inc, InStyle, Entrepreneur and more. We’ve had teammates speak across the world, from Cannes Lions to SXSW to the United State of Women.

We’ve completed three rounds of funding in less than two years: $695,000 pre-seed, $4.75 million seed, and $15 million Series A. And we’ve done this with an all-female leadership team. Why does that fact matter? Because today - despite all of the efforts and conversation - women still receive a mere 2.2% of venture capital funding. Because less than half of women receive funding for follow-on rounds. Because none of this is okay with us and we want to change it. We are working to change it. We will change it.

We move mountains. And it’s really hard.

So, yes, we’ve done all of the above. Let us tell you what else has happened along the way. We’ve missed budget projections. We’ve made mistakes in the hiring process. We’ve changed the organizational structure multiple times. We’ve asked people to come in early and stay late and said that all ten things we asked for on that day were the first priority. Then we told them mid-day that none of them were a priority. We’ve all completed fire drills where nothing was actually burning, and we’ve missed birthday parties and nights out because that time something really was on fire. We’ve had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows on the same day. We’ve been asked to do something and had to move even when we didn’t have all our questions answered.

Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, said once that in order to scale you must “expect chaos.” We agree. We like to say that chaos is a feature of the system, not a bug. You’ll thrive at The Riveter if you’re innovative and think two steps ahead. We will work well with you if you can get to 70% and go - and get to that point without much guidance. We have growth mindsets and you must have that same outlook if you want to join our team. You won’t like being here if you aren’t on the same page as us - and that’s okay. There are so many companies out there doing amazing things that have had years to build a culture and processes and systems. We’re less than two years in and we’re still figuring it out. And we will be for a long, long time.

There is another piece of it, too. The thing that keeps us going late at night when we want to sleep or on that weekend day when we’d rather be with our kids. (And that isn’t every night or every weekend, but it is some - maybe even most, at times - and you should know that.) It’s the fact that we think we’re doing something extraordinary. We are driven by the common belief that the world (and particularly the workplace) can and should look different for women. The status quo doesn’t work for us. We want to leave a mark, to have a say, to build a brand new table where women aren’t just given a seat but where we’re driving the entire conversation. And in doing this, we believe we can build a billion dollar company. We need everyone who works with us to believe this, too.


Amy Nelson

CEO/Founder, The Riveter


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